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The Taekwang's ethical management shall adhere to laws and codes, and faithfully
maintain corporate social responsibility through transparent and proper corporate activities.

Reporting Award Policy

Persons eligible for rewards

Group employees and executives, and stakeholders associated with the report

Reward Standards

① Maximum reward amount: 10 million KRW
- Reporting of other employees/executives' receiving of money or valuables
- Reporting of matters giving rise to actual increases in profits or decreases in losses
- In the case of multiple grounds for payout of rewards, the largest amount shall apply

② Method of determination of reward : To be determined by Report Review Committee
- Self-report : 30,000 KRW gift certificate
- Reported by other persons : 5 times the amount received (Additional amounts identified in the course of investigation to be excluded from the rewardable amount)
- If the report causes profits of the company to rise, or losses to decrease

③ Standards for computation of profit increase (loss reduction) amounts

Amount of profit increase or loss reduction Payout standards
Not exceeding 100 million KRW 5%
100~500 million KRW 5 million KRW + 0.5% of amount in excess of 100 million KRW
500 million ~ 1 billion KRW 7 million KRW + 0.3% of amount in excess of 500 million KRW
Exceeding 1 billion KRW 8.5 million KRW + 0.2% of amount in excess of 1 billion KRW

The above shall apply to Korea. As for overseas branches, separate standards shall be established considering wages of local workers and local living expenses.
- One-off events : All of the applicable amount
- Long-term events : Projected annual amount

④ Matters excluded from payout of rewards
- Cases wherein a report is judged to be false, or the truth is difficult to ascertain due to lack of evidence
- Matters already reported, or that have been brought to the attention of the Management Diagnostics Team, other relevant departments, or external institutions and investigation into which is in progress, or disciplinary procedures have been completed
- Matters disclosed through mass media reports, etc.,
- Cases where reports have been made anonymously or under assumed name, and the reporter cannot be identified
- If reported by an employee of the Management Diagnostics Team - Other cases where paying of rewards is deemed inappropriate

⑤ Method of payout of rewards By principle, rewards shall be delivered in person to the reporter, with all taxes regarding the reward amount to be paid by the reporter
⑥ Recovery and cancellation of awards If it has been discovered later on that there are grounds for exclusion of payout from rewards, or litigation has occurred regarding the report, with results diverging from the previously verified facts, rewards may be retrieved and canceled.

The reporter must immediately return the rewarded amount.