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The Taekwang's ethical management shall adhere to laws and codes, and faithfully
maintain corporate social responsibility through transparent and proper corporate activities.

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• Please contact the Ethics Secretariat (+82-55-330-1493) if you have lost the requisition number.


Principle of Reporter Protection

Principles and Standards

All officers of the Ethics Secretariat shall not expose the identity of reporters without their explicit consent, and shall refrain from any verbal actions that allude to the identity of reporters, or disclosing information indicative of such. The real names used for submitting reports with accurate evidence will be protected. The secretariat shall also strictly protect reports regarding the reporters themselves, and other relevant stakeholders.

Protection Afforded

① Protection of Identity
- Reporter identity shall remain completely confidential.

② Guarantee of position
- Reporters will not be put at a disadvantage in terms of status or human resources affairs, or discriminated against through working conditions
- Reporters not to be placed at a disadvantage regarding promotions and transfers - If the reporter requests a transfer, the head of the organization to which the reporter belongs shall give priority to such requests

③ Protection of Information
- Evidence presented by the reporter, and other relevant information

※ Hunting down reporters is prohibited: Any actions on the part of the reported or the department to which the reported belongs to discover the reporter are prohibited. Breaches of this rule shall be subject to serious reprimand.

Method of Protection

system is protected by a safe security system. The officers responsible for reports have pledged to maintain secrecy regarding reports.

① Requests for Devices to Guarantee Position
- Reporters who fear dispositions that may place them at a disadvantage may request the Ethics Secretariat to put in place devices to guarantee their status
- If, against the intent of the reporter, the reporter's identity is exposed, the events that led to the identification of the reporter shall be tracked down and the person responsible for the leak shall be punished

② Reduction of Responsibility
- As for self-reports, if such persons are subject to disadvantages in terms of their status, the degree of the breach, work attribute, and degree of remorse may be taken into account to reduce their accountability
- Immunity from responsibility shall be the default disposition in the case of self-reports for receiving money or valuables.
- If a subcontractor reports unfair or corrupt practices, such cases shall be handled reasonably through sufficient consideration of the extenuating circumstances.

③ Efforts to Exclude Disadvantages and Maintain Business Relationships
- When it has been acknowledged that disadvantageous disposition or punishments against a reporter have been caused as the result of a report, the reporter shall be reinstated to his original status, or equivalent rewards shall be given.