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The Taekwang's ethical management shall adhere to laws and codes, and faithfully
maintain corporate social responsibility through transparent and proper corporate activities.

Reporting Manual


While reports are accepted under either real names or anonymously, processing results are not provided in the case of anonymous reports. Therefore, we ask that reports be made using your real name whenever possible. Secrecy will be guaranteed and maximum leniency will be given to self-reports.

Report Types

- Work-related irrational, offensive acts, or acts harmful to dignity on the part of employees, and acts that damage the company's image
- Acts of gaining unfair profits in relation with duties, such as the receiving bribes, money/valuables or entertainment, embezzlement, and dereliction of duty
- Acts of spreading unfounded rumors and other false facts, damaging the company's image, and otherwise harming the atmosphere of the organization
- Irrational management causing losses to the company, and intentional dereliction of duty by the employees
- Illegal acts relating to human resources, such as promotions, employment and transfers
- Acts of leaking company business secrets and customer-related information
- Other acts in violation of the company's ethical principles, etc.

Report Handling Procedure

  • Step 01
  • Confirm details of received report
  • Step 02
  • Verify contents of report
  • Step 03
  • Determine the appropriate measures according to the type of report
  • Step 04
  • Confirm the factuality of the report
  • Step 05
  • Notify the results

Reporting Methods

· Internet : Ethical Management Website (http://ethics.tkgroup.co.kr)
· e-mail : ethics@tk.t2group.co.kr
· Tel : +82-55-320-2387
· Mail : Ethics Secretariat, Business Consulting Team, 2636-26 Gimhae Daero (Andong), Gimhae, Gyeongsang Namdo