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Ethical Management

The Taekwang's ethical management shall adhere to laws and codes, and faithfully
maintain corporate social responsibility through transparent and proper corporate activities.

Ethical Management Roadmap

We have upgraded our ethics management by introducing a compliance program subsequent to going through the phase of declaring and spreading the idea of ethics management

Step 1~2

Introduction/Execution (2005~2013)
Internal and external declaration of ethics management
- Ethics charter / standards
- Practice guidelines prepared
Formation of social consensus within the company
- Oath of compliance with ethics management practice
- Ethics management education for all employees
Introduction of examples and reward system
- Development of ethics management examples
- Introduction of reward system
No gifts given or taken
- No gifts given or taken during holidays
- Applicable to all employees and partners
Introduction of social responsibilities
- Social contribution activities
- Creation of SM team (CR/Continuing management)

Stage 3

Spread (2014 ~ 2017)
Improvement in ethics management infrastructure
- Organization and system maintenance
- Development of evaluations standards for affiliate ethics management infrastructure
Ethics management education
- Employees / Partners
Ethics management homepage development
- Ethics management contents development
- Reporting system
- Partner DB management
Ethics management survey
Strengthening ethics management communication
- Homepage/Notebook/Calendar
- PR production and distribution
Ethics management practice
- Support partners for implementing ethics management system

Stage 4

Advancement (2018 ~ 2020)
Building compliance infrastructure
- Organization and system maintenance
- Evaluation of compliance infrastructure
Compliance program operation
- CP components
- Building by steps
Strengthening compliance and ethics education
- Affiliates self-education
- Management education
- Advanced education by position
- Ethics officer education
Improvement in ethics management homepage
- Reflection of compliance issues
- Counseling center for ethics and policies
Strengthening ethics management communication
- Kakao Talk Plus Friend
- Information channel

Stage 5

Stabilization (2021 ~ )
Strategic ethics management
- Gaining competitive advantage via internalizing ethics management
- Activating external communication
Expansion of social responsibility management
- Active response to global standards
- Integration with management activities
Strengthening win-win management
- Win-win program
- Pursuing fairness with partners