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Ethical Management

The Taekwang's ethical management shall adhere to laws and codes, and faithfully
maintain corporate social responsibility through transparent and proper corporate activities.

SCR Activities


  • In accordance with the management philosophy of founding chairman Park Yeon Cha, "Sharing corporate profits with community," we continue to give back the corporate profits we create through management activities to society. In Korea, we run various scholarships programs including the Jeongsan Scholarship Foundation, various social funds, while building welfare facilities for senior citizens. We also support various social welfare, culture, and sports fields. Our contributions in these areas were recognized, winning us multiple accolades as an outstanding CSR company.

    At our overseas factories in China and Vietnam as well, we are sustaining our support for the founding of new schools and kindergartens, along with the building of sports centers and sponsorship of cultural projects. We have also vigorously promoted social support activities through flood relief programs and helping less advantaged neighbors. In addition, thanks to our exemplar localization management, we were honored multiple times as outstanding foreign-invested enterprise.

Contribution Activities

Scholarship Program
The Jeongsan Scholarship Foundation was founded in 1999. The foundation was founded based on the belief of Chairman of the Board of Directors Park Yeon Cha that the future of Korea lies in becoming a technological power. The foundation focuses in discovering science talent that will later become the cornerstone of regional and national progress, and supports students of the Gyeongnam region in the natural sciences and engineering. The scholarship fund, begun with funds of 500 million Won, has grown to some 8.1 billion Won as of 2009. With the addition of 2 billion Won in scholarship funds in February 2010, funds totaling around 10.1 billion Won are now being operated. The scope of the foundation has also expanded, and scholarships are now being paid out to students the country over.
The foundation has also sustained scholarship efforts to develop regional talent, donating some 500 million Won to the Gimhae Scholarship Society, 2.02 billion Won toward the building of the Tongilgwan lecture hall at Gyeongnam National University, 520 million Won in funds to build the dormitory at Inje University, and 92 million Won toward the Donga University Development Fund. Total scholarship-related donations amount to 13.4 billion Won.
Social Welfare Programs and Volunteer Activities
사회복지사업 및 봉사활동
As a local corporation having grown together with society, we are engaging in a variety of activities for the local community based on our basic philosophy of progressing hand in hand with community. Since 2008, the foundation has supported the <Myanmar Typhoon Damage Relief Fund>, <Shoes for Less Privileged Adolescents>, <Contribution For Households Headed by Adolescents>, and <Holt Children's Services>, in efforts to share prosperity with those around us.Our support for local community is a well-rooted tradition, and not a temporary gesture of late. Upon realizing that the city of Gimhae, home to some 400,000 people as of 2004, had no welfare facilities for senior citizens, the foundation built the <Gimhae Senior Citizens' Welfare Center>at a cost of 6.6 billion Won, donating the facility to the city of Gimhae.
The Gimhae Senior Citizens' Welfare Center was built on a 9,900㎡ site, and is 3 stories tall, with a total floor area of 4,430㎡. Along with a public health clinic offering western and oriental medicine, dental care and physiotherapy, the state-of-the-art facility includes daycare facilities for physically challenged senior citizens, a free canteen, various hobby clubs, outdoor gate ball park, and an outdoor stage.
Culture, Sports and Religious Support Projects
문화 스포츠, 종교 지원사업
Supporting the Vietnamese delegation to the 2002 Busan Asian Games and sponsoring Vietnamese wrestlers training in Korea, Taekwang's efforts toward the fostering of culture and sports have been nothing short of our efforts for the progress of local community. The foundation has provided some 400 million Won in funding for various marathon and sporting events, providing 250 million Won in funds for the Gimhae High School Baseball Team, which was the first team of its kind in Gimhae. The Gimhae High School Baseball Team reached the semi-finals in a national competition just 1 year after its founding. Despite worries that cultural projects in regional cities always fail, the foundation brought the musical to Gimhae, making history in local cultural progress. The profits from the successful performances ($45,000) were donated to the
government of Vietnam, the country where the musical is set, to be used in the aid of Vietnam War widows, giving the program even more meaning. The foundation has been satisfying the cultural needs of the citizens of the Gimhae area, as part of efforts to develop the Gimhae region, which was the capital city of the ancient kingdom of Gaya, into a city of culture. The foundation is supporting the and hosted by Gimhae city, along with various performances. The foundation donated some 1.9 billlion Won toward regional cultural activities, including operating funds for the charged with preserving and developing the traditions and culture of the region. The foundation also provides much support, totaling some 740 million Won, toward the cultural, philanthropy and missionary work of various religious groups. It is thought that the foundation's sustained support for temples within the area of Gimhae, which was the capital city of the ancient kingdom of Gaya, will aid the economic development of the Gimhae area by attracting tourists, and help to preserve the develop Buddhist culture. The school, which has established schools in Tanzania to teach farming techniques and battle illiteracy, is supported by the foundation, which is making every effort to spread Korean culture and elevate the status of the Republic of Korea in the eyes of the world.
Overseas Activities
해외에서의 활동
The company, since first making inroads into overseas countries, has embraced a policy of developing our host countries, employees and local communities into partners in growth, and not just production bases providing cheap labor. As in Korea, the company is hosting various scholarship and social welfare projects overseas, building favorable reputations among local communities. The success the company has achieved in early localization of the workforce is a benchmark for many companies seeking to enter overseas markets. Such favorable reputations were built not just through management and production activities, but through our efforts to understand and truly assimilate into our host countries. To assimilate ourselves into our host countries, the company has helped those in less privileged living conditions, engaged in relief activities for flood-stricken areas, and awarded scholarships to local students. Hand in hand with residents of the community and with our workers, we have place symbiosis ahead of corporate profits.
TKG TAEKWANG VINA, which entered Vietnam in 1994 not long after the market opened its gates, is a symbol of the first generation of foreign-invested companies that drove early Vietnamese economic development. The company was also ranked as one of Vietnam's two major export companies. The company was chosen as one of the most exemplar management cases in Vietnam in a survey conducted by the UNDP (United Nations Development Program), ranking 18th among 130,000 corporations in Vietnam. TKG TAEKWANG VINA has made some 2 billion Won in donations in Vietnam. The An Vinh Kindergarten, built with 220,000 Dollars of funds from the company, is a modern 2-story building covering an area of 5,000㎥ that can host some 400 students who will lead Vietnam into the future in a fine environment.
The company also provided 100 million Won's worth of exercise equipment to the Youth Sports Center, while hosting parties for senior citizens, arranging Korean municipal choirs' performances in Ho Chi Minh, donating bicycles to less privileged students, and otherwise taking the lead in returning corporate profits to local communities. We have also been involved in welfare policy and medical services to enhance the living standards of our employees and community residents, hosting various cultural and sports events jointly with local broadcast stations, etc., in our efforts to build harmonious relationships with local residents as well as local employees.Our founder, chairman Park Yeon Cha, has made endless efforts to enhance amicable relations between the two countries and increase economic cooperation. As an honorary consul general since 2000, he has been a leader in nongovernmental diplomacy. The company has sponsored the training of Vietnamese customs agents in Korea to learn advanced administration skills. Opening a direct air route between Busan and Ho Chi Minh, the company opened the path toward increased economic and cultural exchanges and cooperation. In recognition of his contribution, the Vietnamese government awarded Chairman Park Yeon Cha the <Vietnamese Medal of Goodwill>.
The Qingdao Taekwang Shoes Co., Ltd. was founded in Liquanzhuangzhen of Laixi in Qingdao, China. Having entered the Vietnamese market a year earlier and succeeded in localization, Taekwang has been working toward localization in China s well. Qingdao Taekwang, producing Nike's most difficult and most highly priced products, was recognized as one of China's top 100 foreign-invested companies for its sound technology and its exemplar management practices, including the building of dormitories for employees with long commutes. Qingdao Taekwang has founded the Qingdao Taekwang Middle and High School for our employees who have not been able to further their academic careers due to underprivileged circumstances,
enabling them to learn. Students are provided with full tuition and school supplies, and school buses are operated for students' convenience. The 200 students and 12 teachers at the school are divided into 6 classes studying the first and second year curricula. As of 2010, the Qingdao Taekwang Middle and High School has seen some 1,348 students graduate. The Taekwang Elementary School was built and donated to the city of Laixi with an investment of 2 million RMB (300 million Won). The company has also provided various scholarships and contributed to the development fund of the Sejong Korean School in Qingdao. With Taekwang playing such a large role in the local community, the Chinese government named the main access road to Taekwang Qingdao"Taekwang-ro" after the company. With donations for Szechuan earthquake relief work, aid for senior citizens living alone, and support for floor damage relief efforts,Taekwang is making every effort to fulfill its corporate social responsibility for the progress of local communities, job creation and economic development. As a leading pioneer corporation in the Qingdao area, Taekwang Qingdao has established an exclusive industrial complex for Korean companies established in Gimhae, helping Gimhae corporations make inroads into the Chinese market. A 500,000 Pyeong industrial complex, complete with infrastructure, has been developed. Sites are provided, along with various conveniences, for 50 years free of charge to Korean companies wishing to enter the Chinese market, affording Korean corporations the opportunity to make their next big leap forward. The company received the Qingdao Qindao Award as an outstanding foreign-invested company, and was awarded the outstanding labor relations award for exemplar management practices. The company is also implementing various employee welfare policies to add stability to the lives of employees, including a 6,000-person dorm and apartments for married employees and their families.
was founded in Moc Bai of the Tay Ninh province of Vietnam, and began production in August 2012. will be a forward operating base for Taekwang, which aspires to make blaze new paths into Cambodia in the future. In 1999, before official diplomatic relations were established, the company invited Ke Kim Yan, Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces, along with 12 of his generals to inspect Korean industrial sites, opening the sluice gates to cultural and economic exchanges between the two countries. Also, Taekwang performed an instrumental role in gaining Korean fishing vessels access to Cambodian fisheries following the Korea-Japan Fisheries Agreement. Maintaining close ties with high-ranking Cambodian government officials, Taekwang provided 5 million sacks of rice amid recovery efforts following the great
floods in Cambodia in 2000, later supporting the founding of the Public Meanchey University in 2008. In appreciation of the company's humanitarian efforts, the Cambodian government awarded Chairman Park Yeon Cha with the Prime Minister's Medal in 2000, and the Medal of Amity in 2008.
  • 지역사회 봉사활동 : 나눔 봉사단 / <장미회>
  • 지역사회 봉사활동 : 나눔 봉사단 / <장미회>
  • Volunteer Activities in the Local Community :

    The <Nanum> Volunteer Team / <The Roses>

    The <Nanum> volunteer team, and <The Roses>, a gathering of our female employees, are engaged in volunteer activities for the more disadvantaged neighbors in our communities. <Nanum> is a volunteer group formed in 2006 as the result of the will of our employees to contribute what little we can share with the less fortunate neighbors around us. <The Roses> started out as a friendship society among female employees of Taekwang. The members agreed to do something more meaningful with the group, and since then have been hosting various events such as one-day tea houses to raise funds and aid less fortunate students in our communities.

  • <Nanum> has been engaged in joint activities with welfare centers in the region. In aid of students who receive meals at the school cafeteria during the semester but run into difficulty during vacations, <Nanum> has been delivering <Pack Lunches of Love> to some 100 children during vacations, with the help of the staff at our company cafeteria. The lunches are packed full of caring sentiment, and our wishes that the children grow up to be happy and healthy.

    <Nanum> also shares kimchi with lonely senior citizens living alone in the area every winter.  The kimchi that <Nanum> makes first hand, picking out, pickling and seasoning the cabbages,  conveys a warm message of caring to the more than 50 lonely seniors we share with in the heart of the winter season.

    The group also participated in a hat-knitting event to aid newborn infants in Africa, sending the children carefully knitted wool hats. It is said that the large difference in temperatures between day and night in Africa makes it crucial to keep babies warm, and that the wool hats, increasing infants' temperatures by around 2℃, are very useful in preventing hypothermia. The members of the group, deeply moved by the opportunity to preserve precious lives through their efforts, also sent handwritten letters of encouragement to the children. 

    Our volunteer groups have also built sisterhood relationships with agricultural villages (Doyo village, Gimhae), helping with farm work during the busy season and making joint purchases of special regional produce. Other small but meaningful gestures include helping less advantaged senior citizens with portraits, taking spring field trips with disabled students, donating to welfare organizations, and giving blood.
    Taekwang is also involved in village clean-up activities in the Gangseo area and the Nakdong river basin, delivering free lunches, briquettes and rice, and improving the living environment of poverty-stricken neighbors. We also regularly support the Gangseo-gu General Social Welfare Center, and the Korean Leukemia and Children's Cancer Association.

    <The Roses>, a community of Taekwang's female employees, hosts bazaars and one-day tea houses to help the less advantaged youth in the community, donating proceeds to social welfare organizations. On Children's Day each yeah, the Roses deliver gifts to children from less affluent families.